Bimbling a Rondar

Tony has helpfully sent in a collection of photos of his old boat, GBR 644 Sailsport. Those with Rondar boats especially may find these helpful, especailly for last-minute pre Nationals boat work. Click below to see them. Warning: lots of big photos, no text!


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Maintenance - Archived documents

Tuning - The Basics

This is a good starting point to get your B14 set up correctly. Please note that this is a guide, some boats have small variations from the norm due to build, re-fitting etc. A good rule of thumb is that if it looks wrong it probably is!

This is a simplified version of the previous tuning guide – look out for more advanced articles being added on specific subjects in future.

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Rope Lengths

The following rope lengths are taken from Ovington hulled B14 768 - Seavolution/Blue Marine other than the pole outhaul length taken from Rondar B14 745 - Little Blue (they should be the same).

Kite Halyard

Manufacturer - Marlow, Dynema Core, brand - Excel Pro, length - 13.0 m., dia - 5 mm. Halyard may have a 5.0 m. taper on the kite end.

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