Ullman Sails B14 Inlands 2010 - Grafham Water

gbr01The B14 fleet arrived at Grafham to be greeted by sunny skies and a fair breeze.

Sharing the course with the 29ers, the B14s were the first fleet to start, sailing on the outer course. The stage was set, in a shifty and gusty force 2 – 3, a story was to unfold.

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Image of the Month - November 2010


November's IOTM: The UK die-hards at the end of season bash with lots of Ullman Sails goodies!

Photo: Laura (I think... all a bit hazy...)

Image of the Month - August 2010


Tom Gruitt's shot of Scotty and Pup in Carnac is this month's IOTM.

For more of Tom's shots head over to fotoboat

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